Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pringle or Primark?

Well, do I really have to ask? Yes, that's why I'm writing this. Pringle's trousers, black, cashmere - just beautiful! the kind of garment that you put on and it wears well... always. I could have these trousers for years and they would always look beautiful. That's what fashion and identity is about not just following the next trend but reinventing something beautiful when you wear it. The pattern cutting is probably fitted to compliment the human form not to massacre your figure by outlining last night cheesecake or cutting the crutch area in two just to squeeze into your normal size: unlike Primark's which is always on the ungenerous side to save a bit more of the blended nylon fabrics they use. The materials Pringle uses are luscious and soft next to your skin. Ok, so now I'll tackle Primark. Of course it's fine for a few cheap tops, bedsocks and the odd thing. I will buy some cheap tee shirts from there so I have plenty of choice of colours but will want to save for at least one nice garment so my wardrobe won't look so full of tac. We can't always buy all expensive but the at least one garment a season or a year is well deserved it does make a difference. I'm usually shocked to see how many garments and how much money people spend in Primark and wonder why don't they just buy one good thing and still have plenty of money left over for lots of Primark basics? Fashion, to me, is not just about running out and buying the seasons trend but buying beautiful garments that suits you.
Maria xoxo

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