Monday, 29 November 2010

Proud Pringle

Pringle of Scotland 2011

Pringle of Scotland 2011 this label is so exciting, timeless and subtle yet modern and beautiful, in fact very modern without the fancy dress element. It's so much harder to make modern, interesting clothes in this subtle way using so many creative elements - fancy dress stuff is much more obvious and easy.

At first, I thought the s/s 2011 Collection was not as exciting as a/w 2010 as this was amazing full of luxury and strong dominant ideas but the more I looked at s/s 2011 Collection I realise how beautiful, light and worthy of attention it is.

In my view Pringle of Scotland Collection is probably the best work on the catwalk, just look carefully and find the subtly within it.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Irish Influences in Fashion

Just been having a look at some Irish dancing costumes - they would make an

interesting start to some design ideas. Dismissing the obvious decoration (which I know is a very strong statement), or this can be used subtly working around this for ideas for my designs. Lets see what happens? I'll be looking at shapes, textures, trims/embroidery and colours and see if anything else pops up.