Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Japan Japan Japan

After not blogging for a while want to say something. Not because I want a following or a place at University and, 'I'll follow your blog and you follow mine'.
Someone said if you say the same word 3 times you wont forget it. Lets keep remembering Japan and how immensely focused and brave they have been and the strength they need to nurture their future orphans. Their behavior is a lesson to us all.
I have designed some t-shirts and would like to get them made and donate some of the profits to their charity. I have done illustrations and have strong ideas how I want them designed but I want quality manufacturers on board with me. My t-shirts are better than Karl Largerfeld (whom I usually love) and the rest of the designers who have made a limp attempt because of their names. xxxx

all copyright is owned by Marie Ryder

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hurray for Howell!!

The British have landed - thank goodness. This woman has the most beautiful subtle designs. She knows about art, structure, fashion, and design. I think her Fine Art degree has set her up to look in her own way to have her own view without copying the trends, yet remaining contemporary and original. She uses luxury fabrics which suit the structure of the clothes, effortless but make you feel good. People say she creates an androgynous look but I think it's a wearable yet feminine and sexy without the overstatement of the Barbie tag (see how nice the models look). She should be even more renown for her work but I love her quintessential englishness. If Isabel Murant designs with the french in mind Howell reflects on her english roots. I'd love to wear her clothes because they would NOT restrict my way of life.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas dresses

Where to look for Christmas dresses? Obviously depends on your income, spending allowance or compulsion. I did notice average prices and with some originality and quality yet remaining contemporary in Zara. I didn't see this dress in the shop, I saw it on line, but I think the tulip shape is interesting and it looks amazing on the model - (this picture might be a fridge sticker over Christmas - I don't think father Christmas will get me this look at least I'll make some attempt) . It's red, its, short, its pretty and its Christmas!!

I think the red lipsticks reflecting the dress helps to make the whole image look incredible. What do you think. Please feel free to leave a message.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Proud Pringle

Pringle of Scotland 2011

Pringle of Scotland 2011 this label is so exciting, timeless and subtle yet modern and beautiful, in fact very modern without the fancy dress element. It's so much harder to make modern, interesting clothes in this subtle way using so many creative elements - fancy dress stuff is much more obvious and easy.

At first, I thought the s/s 2011 Collection was not as exciting as a/w 2010 as this was amazing full of luxury and strong dominant ideas but the more I looked at s/s 2011 Collection I realise how beautiful, light and worthy of attention it is.

In my view Pringle of Scotland Collection is probably the best work on the catwalk, just look carefully and find the subtly within it.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Irish Influences in Fashion

Just been having a look at some Irish dancing costumes - they would make an

interesting start to some design ideas. Dismissing the obvious decoration (which I know is a very strong statement), or this can be used subtly working around this for ideas for my designs. Lets see what happens? I'll be looking at shapes, textures, trims/embroidery and colours and see if anything else pops up.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Anna's Advice

I wasn't surpised to read about the Rodarte sisters' comment regarding Anna Wintour stating she has given the best help in the fashion industry by advising them to keep control of their work - they've followed this ethic allowing them to remain creative and consistently develop each collection. I love the way they investigate and push boundaries it stops the dullness that

we can allow in our lives by conforming and and accepting. We can all push the boundaries.

Anna Wintour is more than just a Fashion Editor she has proven invaluable to the world of creativity with the outstanding knowledge it's no wonder she has no time for pretense. It's good to see she does have time to encourage young designers.