Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week for 2011

OK, first review Jonathan Saunders, beautiful light prints with shots of colour, yellow, orange and light blue. The colours are not boring even though they have subtly and class as he does have an aesthetic eye for colour and naturally understands how to use it. Although, he states he used art influences, such as, Pollock (also known as, 'Jack the Dripper' - you'll see why when you look at his work) and Allen Jones. I'm not seeing these obvious influences in his in prints regarding colour, line (Pollock) and primary colours Allen Jones liked to use but Saunders is clever enough, not to let himself copy these artists but trigger a starting point, as he conveys, using the freedom (Pollock) in some of the print patterns but tames them with constructed, thick, bold lines of colour (Allen Jones).

After al the 'bunff' in the above paragraph I like his work, as it's wearable, individual and yet classy. I particularly like the white-on-white print on one of the dresses, almost looks embossed - nice!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

All Vogues

Just been researching French Vogue Editor, Carine Roitfeld, she sounds quite interesting, imagining stories for her shots. Now I would like to read the French Vogue to see her style. I don't get the American Vogue but I have seen the film, "The September Issue", which gives me some insight into the very strong character of Wintour and quite rightly so - you can't be a 'drip' running a magazine like that, although she's amazingly like a headmistress that I know. Shulman, British Vogue Editor, in my opinion, should not be overshadowed by any of these. She offers, not only glamour and culture but creativity and good, well-written articles. The creative side to her gives her an imaginative, artistic, then becoming personal and intelligent eye - she is, in my view, our, 'English Rose', we should be proud of as we have the best Vogue!

All the research does make me realize that I would like to read all Vogues to see what they have got to offer and the differences between them. I don't know if it would make any difference to any of the magazines or indeed the industry, promoting brands etc. but it would be fun!

Monday, 20 September 2010

British Vogue October Issue 2010

I haven't read it all yet, as I like to take my time and enjoy the magazine, even study it, Yes I admit I do! I'll tackle the front cover first. Sadly, the very recognizable Cheryl Cole, although looking pretty in such beautiful, ultra-feminine dresses also looks vacant (and in the words of the very controversial band, I shouldn't even have to name them) leaning more towards, "Pretty Vacant". As I flick through he mag. even the Dries Van Noten Parka stands alone as a better model than the vacancy behind Cheryl',s 'hazy, gazy' look. The Vanessa Bruno ad. makes me stop and turn my head on its side to view the image almost like like the reaction you get when you look at George Basalitz's upside-down art work. I realize the difference in the professional models, such as, Karlie Klass on page 280, as the puppet, Petrushka, angle poised, is subtly clever and makes you understand why she is at the top of her game. I think this is an image takes her and Vogue through to a higher level.

Love the images and title of, 'Quiet Storm" particularly page 293, as the model's pose echos the almost silhouette tree whilst wearing the beautiful, sculptured skirt designed by Yohji Yamamoto.

Go Marc Jacobs with your witty, daring, yet just keeping your modesty, 'Bang' campaign - you SpongeBob fan you and no squarepants in sight, although I don't know what's lurking under your kilt.

There are lots of beautiful things in the Vogue, the mag. is still well worth buying, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it and the article on Pringle always interesting in my opinion.
love Maria xoxo

Since then I've found out Cheryl Cole was practically dying of malaria but still managed to complete her job. Well done Cheryl for your guts and determination she has staying power that's why she's where she is now. Although I think she's pretty I still don't think she is a good model.

Friday, 17 September 2010

spring tasters 2011 Rag and Bone and Pringle of Scotland

Just had a look at a taster for spring Rag and Bone website and the dastardly duo strike again! They show hints of warfare in strapping, strings and angular lines along side the peace and naturalness of the feminine flowing chiffon: The youthfulness of layering and their signature tailoring

of jackets. Bravely, they enter the realms of metallic and somehow make it cool by adding a white trim to some of their garments.

Pringle have there usually classy, experimental and individual look, mixing pinks and red so beautifully and the keeping the little black dress modern and fresh.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pringle or Primark?

Well, do I really have to ask? Yes, that's why I'm writing this. Pringle's trousers, black, cashmere - just beautiful! the kind of garment that you put on and it wears well... always. I could have these trousers for years and they would always look beautiful. That's what fashion and identity is about not just following the next trend but reinventing something beautiful when you wear it. The pattern cutting is probably fitted to compliment the human form not to massacre your figure by outlining last night cheesecake or cutting the crutch area in two just to squeeze into your normal size: unlike Primark's which is always on the ungenerous side to save a bit more of the blended nylon fabrics they use. The materials Pringle uses are luscious and soft next to your skin. Ok, so now I'll tackle Primark. Of course it's fine for a few cheap tops, bedsocks and the odd thing. I will buy some cheap tee shirts from there so I have plenty of choice of colours but will want to save for at least one nice garment so my wardrobe won't look so full of tac. We can't always buy all expensive but the at least one garment a season or a year is well deserved it does make a difference. I'm usually shocked to see how many garments and how much money people spend in Primark and wonder why don't they just buy one good thing and still have plenty of money left over for lots of Primark basics? Fashion, to me, is not just about running out and buying the seasons trend but buying beautiful garments that suits you.
Maria xoxo

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Design ideas

Thought I'd download some designs I've made for christmas

Seeing what the fabric can do for itself.

Been busy lately designing clothes and will put them on my blog when I've finished. Looking at the Vogue of an evening studying the construction of garments it can be so specific and detailed there's a lot more to a pretty garment than meets the eye. My lesson yesterday was letting the fabric work for itself so stand back and see what the fabric can do and nice surprises can happen. OK back to work now find more surprises! bye xoxo

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Stories in Fashion

I watched a Paul Smith video on utube referring to his latest collection. He found a second-hand tailored jacket in a market, looked in the lining and discovered a title Lady's name and... voila! built a modern day story from his imagination. This is why he remains a forerunner in fashion - he hasn't left his collection in the past, he's modernized it, added twists and delved into his imagination creating his story about this lifestyle.