Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week for 2011

OK, first review Jonathan Saunders, beautiful light prints with shots of colour, yellow, orange and light blue. The colours are not boring even though they have subtly and class as he does have an aesthetic eye for colour and naturally understands how to use it. Although, he states he used art influences, such as, Pollock (also known as, 'Jack the Dripper' - you'll see why when you look at his work) and Allen Jones. I'm not seeing these obvious influences in his in prints regarding colour, line (Pollock) and primary colours Allen Jones liked to use but Saunders is clever enough, not to let himself copy these artists but trigger a starting point, as he conveys, using the freedom (Pollock) in some of the print patterns but tames them with constructed, thick, bold lines of colour (Allen Jones).

After al the 'bunff' in the above paragraph I like his work, as it's wearable, individual and yet classy. I particularly like the white-on-white print on one of the dresses, almost looks embossed - nice!

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