Monday, 20 September 2010

British Vogue October Issue 2010

I haven't read it all yet, as I like to take my time and enjoy the magazine, even study it, Yes I admit I do! I'll tackle the front cover first. Sadly, the very recognizable Cheryl Cole, although looking pretty in such beautiful, ultra-feminine dresses also looks vacant (and in the words of the very controversial band, I shouldn't even have to name them) leaning more towards, "Pretty Vacant". As I flick through he mag. even the Dries Van Noten Parka stands alone as a better model than the vacancy behind Cheryl',s 'hazy, gazy' look. The Vanessa Bruno ad. makes me stop and turn my head on its side to view the image almost like like the reaction you get when you look at George Basalitz's upside-down art work. I realize the difference in the professional models, such as, Karlie Klass on page 280, as the puppet, Petrushka, angle poised, is subtly clever and makes you understand why she is at the top of her game. I think this is an image takes her and Vogue through to a higher level.

Love the images and title of, 'Quiet Storm" particularly page 293, as the model's pose echos the almost silhouette tree whilst wearing the beautiful, sculptured skirt designed by Yohji Yamamoto.

Go Marc Jacobs with your witty, daring, yet just keeping your modesty, 'Bang' campaign - you SpongeBob fan you and no squarepants in sight, although I don't know what's lurking under your kilt.

There are lots of beautiful things in the Vogue, the mag. is still well worth buying, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it and the article on Pringle always interesting in my opinion.
love Maria xoxo

Since then I've found out Cheryl Cole was practically dying of malaria but still managed to complete her job. Well done Cheryl for your guts and determination she has staying power that's why she's where she is now. Although I think she's pretty I still don't think she is a good model.

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