Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Who am I today? Eclectic Taste

Vogues catwalk special for Autumn/winter 2010:

Such choices… On occasions I want to be the Jane Eyre, 'All Woman', in the black buckled and buttoned up Dries Van Noten, stating most categorically, my thinking serious days but still remaining a woman. The no-nonsense, stylish, yet, get-the-job-done look as more pressing issues ensue.

Why do I love the "Lace" pages? The Valentino maxi flowing with luscious lace and hints of pink flesh underneath steaming with femininity. Roberto Cavalli's creamy/pink maxi glides up the catwalk like the princess we all want to be – not today though, right place, right time. Marc Jacobs has the edge with the dress I would like in my wardrobe because it can cover all occasions as well as being beautiful and original – This one goes on my fantasy list.

My special night out I would want the Louis Vuitton pink background with attached black, what looks like chiffon subtly swaying as I walk (or possibly fall over in my high platforms and heels).

Mostly I want to be the girls in the Marc Jacobs mustard glamour grunge jumpers and skirts and the Dries Van Noten purple maxi with the brown tee shirt not forgetting the cool sunglasses. The pairing of the contrasting fabrics, the hard and the soft remind me of the functional and feminine. The freedom of movement in wearing these clothes provide this function and the beauty and femininity of them is the essence of pleasure. So I win on both accounts.

Why shouldn’t we be… Whatever we want to be on that day.

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