Sunday, 8 August 2010

Vogue - The September Issue 2010

Oh how my days are happy when I see the huge, chunky, glossy September issue of Vogue sitting on the shelves of WHSmith. Without hesitation I pick it up, quickly thumb it and decide my life would never be the same if I bought it.

Vogue, to me is something of a necessity and I can't help but fall for it every time. So when I saw Kate Moss on the cover, I thought ok this should be brilliant. For me the articles in Vogue are beautifully written, with linguistic structures that are so clever, but I have to admit the photographs make it for me: the interesting settings, the stunning models and most importantly the gorgeous clothes. Hmph. Well, I can not say that the magazine delivers this. The shots entitled 'and God created woman' are perfectly shot but model, Guinevere Van Seenus is more than enough to put you off looking at them. Yes I know that's harsh but it's also very true. Then my eyes are also plagued by model and singer Jamie Bochert. The shoot would be fine if it was two photos with an interesting article but oh no we are subjected to 7 incredibly dull and quite frankly scary shots of Jamie, who could easily be mistaken as a man with ambiguity being taken to a new level.

So on to my favourite section!!!! MORE DASH THAN CASH. The clothes used were stunning as usual, highlighting this seasons trend for celebrating the woman. (skinny, skinny model with no boobs or bum - wow not being hypocritical there are we Vogue?) I thought Gaps cotton anorak £59.50 was paired perfectly with the House of Fraser cotton silk dress, tied together with that all important thin belt. However of course the wool military blazer by Zadig & Voltaire would win the fashion face off every time but the River Island parka, £70, is a great contender and a definite staple item for the winter, giving elegance a twist, when paired with a knee length skirt.

I could talk forever about this months issue of Vogue but I shall shush myself as my ability to ramble takes control of my writing.

I'll let you make up your own mind but please leave a comment on your view it's great to hear everyones opinion!!!!
So is Kate Moss the model over? Is Vogue better than Elle? (Of course!!!!)

lots of love as always

Maria & Sophia

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  1. haha - this is goood!! :) I totally see what your saying.
    X EnvySplendour