Wednesday, 4 August 2010


So after watching too many episodes of The City and consuming every second of fashion that was thrown in front of my eyes, making me want to clear my whole wardrobe and cry because the girls just look AMAZING, I thought why not review the Whitney Eve collection fall 2010.

Hmmmm, it's hard to know where to start with this. The materials she used seem cheap looking and the vile, velvet multi-coloured leopard skin tops, dresses, trousers just look tacky. I think the collection is disappointing, especially considering her Spring 2010 showed so much potential. As an aspiring designer, unique designs with a signature style is essential, whilst considering the seasons trends, however she lacks these two things considerably, seeming to design clothes that she would like to wear, rather than something new that we can all crave. Personally I'd buy from Topshop before I'd buy from Whitney Eve fall 2010 collection. The prices are ridiculously high for clothes that don't deserve to be labelled as designer.

Considering Whitney dresses so beautifully on The City, I was surprised at the collection. Personally, I feel that although not copying the fashion she does need to incorporate some of the latest trends as that's how natural progression occurs from line to line, also creating a clear theme and focus in the collection.

I know I have completely criticised Whitney Eve but I did like the Farrah dress, which I think could transfer from day to night elegantly but again 'could do better' is my final evaluation. However, after saying that, I would still be really interested to see her next collection because I do think she has a beautiful personal style and an obvious eye for fashion so hopefully she can pull through and make us all fall under her style spell.

love as always

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