Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pringle Autumn 2010

Pringle Autumn 2010- Not much makes me look forward to winter but this is very close.

Just looked at Clare Waight Keller’s Pringle Collection Autumn, 2010. Sooo imaginative and unusual. Mixing fabrics, hard and soft seemingly sitting together like they were made to be there. Shapes, angles of straight lines unevenly placed with pleats when it suits and turned back edges revealing the inside of the garment and the prominent zips with no apologies for the flaps shown this reminds me of the architecture of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, not so much transparent but showing the construction of the building revealing the workings of it – maybe used a decorative feature – I don’t know, but it works, it really works.

What I want to know is why Clare Waight Keller and the Pringle Collection isn’t even more renown for her/their work, it’s not only beautiful but functional. Pringle should be Proud!

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