Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2010 collection

Eugh technology!!!! Finally got the blog sorted (I hope!).

On to more important issues like my obsession with Marc by Marc Jacobs. His fall 2010 collection was something that made me question why I really do like him. After reading a host of reviews, like The Times article by Luke Leitch, I understood the disappointment of the multitude of khaki and black on the runway. However, after a while I thought about it and realised the natural progression, as although not new and inventive, I think he has considered his customer and understood that the younger generation love to follow a certain fashion, so with the green parkas filling shops, a tribute to the end of Oasis maybe, it seems like a natural thing to move on and due to his recent love of celebrating the feminine form, move khaki from grunge to beautiful elegance and make the oh-so-Kate-Moss-I'm-at-a-festival-and-ridiculously-gorgeous-I can-throw-a-masculine-jacket-on-and-look-amazing-and-cool a thing of the past. Well this is certainly my interpretation, but admittedly I will always love the grunge look so marc's collection didn't excite me as much as I hoped or as much as it will probably excite Olivia Palermo (bleurghhhhh).

Anyway, on to the obvious trends that will be HUGE, yes HUGE, this autumn. One thing that is being consistently used is the thin brown belt, origin - the vintage indie look made incredibly popular with the new London IT girls like Alexa Chung. So this thin brown belt, I love the way it can travel from vintage to smart elegant reflecting the colours of the autumn atmosphere. Now I come to think of it the whole collection seemed very in touch with nature, sticking to traditional autumn colours.

Another thing I did pick up on were the dresses, which stemmed from his Louis Vuitton collection and Marc Jacobs show as they again were designed to accentuate a woman's form, unfortunately the super skinny, girls didn't accentuate the dresses enough. However, with the slightly and therefore elegant plunging necklines and floaty bottom half it was enough to bring the past in to the future. A few of the prints for the dresses did remind me of Christmas wrapping paper but his genius of shape and cute grey ankle socks made the look very high end.

A favourite dress of mine was definitely the lace one. With our eyes being constantly hurt by Primark's never ending racks of cheap lace nylon designs (if you can call them that), it was so refreshing to see this years essential lace dress reworked with a high neck and a unique lace pattern - BEAUTIFUL!!!!

All in all, what I love about Marc by Marc Jacobs is the way he sticks to his traditional preppy look but never fails to rework it in to young and trendy styles, usually with colour but this time he even managed to make black and khaki smart and strict lines cool and young, rather than Halifax banker uniform. So Marc, military, preppy, 50's, Victorian, Christmas wrapping paper, and one dodgy romper suit later, you always seem to make fashion a style and an attitude rather than another item to throw away come May.

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