Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hurray for Howell!!

The British have landed - thank goodness. This woman has the most beautiful subtle designs. She knows about art, structure, fashion, and design. I think her Fine Art degree has set her up to look in her own way to have her own view without copying the trends, yet remaining contemporary and original. She uses luxury fabrics which suit the structure of the clothes, effortless but make you feel good. People say she creates an androgynous look but I think it's a wearable yet feminine and sexy without the overstatement of the Barbie tag (see how nice the models look). She should be even more renown for her work but I love her quintessential englishness. If Isabel Murant designs with the french in mind Howell reflects on her english roots. I'd love to wear her clothes because they would NOT restrict my way of life.

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